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Notes From Entrepreneur Land – Things I Learned at the Bakery This Mont — reliablyuncomfortable

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Often it becomes hard to say things that to you seem obvious, but to others not so much, without sounding snide.

The author uses clever analogies in this post.


 Originally posted on Caneléfornia: ? Garbage blows around, so contain it. The very best way to contain it is to keep a lid on it. This applies equally to garbage that resides in dumpsters as the detritus that resides in human minds. Complaining about the heat, no matter how irrefutable, doesn’t improve one’s ability to…

via Notes From Entrepreneur Land – Things I Learned at the Bakery This Mont — reliablyuncomfortable

Christmas in Paradise

Merry Christmas all…


You know something is seriously wrong when u find ur self asking for a shower n some clean clothes washed up for Xmas, hell got a shower n clean clothes and a turkey 4 thanksgiving… I’ve always known things were hard on the hungry and homeless n yes I consider them 2 entities, we r homeless but we have shelter from the rain, we still get cold but we have a little bit of heat and a lot of blankets, there are times we go without food, drink and cigs sometimes without all 3 at once… We have one outlet that supply’s electricity to us all, we have water that we have to put in a pitcher straight out of the well, but no running water… No toilet, no sink, no shower just about 50 square foot of a wooden floor with a wooden door fool of holes and a tin roof…

Well at least I have those locks in my hair I’ve always wanted, and let’s not discuss the deaths and anniversary deaths we have dealt with in all this time…

SORRY 4 THE RAMBLING THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS UNGRATEFUL… IT’S NOT THAT AT ALL I AM THANKFUL 4 A WAY OF COMMUNICATING WITH MY MOTHER, SISTER, AND DAUGHTER… THANKFUL 4 MY ROCK James Ortego, I am just trying to say don’t take for granted that house u haven’t paid for yet, or that car u wish was a different color and had more features, don’t take for granted those children that seem to give u a nervous twitch driving u crazy about those presents… Don’t take anything u have in this life 4 granted, instead love and cherish it all and take advantage!

A life like mine while also estranged from ur two youngest children watching them grow without u as if u r dead via Facebook… Being so far away from ur sister Lisa Schaivi and mother Donna Berry that it hurts…. Is hard to make it willing to the next day… This is true homeless, true doing without I have not bathed in over a month… And all the while my ROCK tries n tries each day 2 find work n get us outta this mess… Blaming himself for our situation n hating himself 4 not having me clean clothes running water n oh yea transportation… We lost our wheels 2

Sorry for the pity party fb friends n fam merry Xmas everyone and remember that home u r not happy with could always be worse much much worse

Head Strong

A Beautiful Mind

Head Strong

…stronger, strongest and strength, strengthen

The list goes on, and so does the beast. Yes, I started beast. You may be wondering to yourself why I have chosen these words for the combination of common phrases.

Well I have discovered that the stronger my mind becomes the more of a beast unleashed. People by nature thrive for knowledge while not knowing that the more you know, the less you want to know.

I guess I have changed yet another common phrase to a less common thought.
A heavy heart hurts, and a heavy mind weighs more then a heavy heart.

I commonly hear others say “that stupid ass is crazy”…well I beg to differ.
stupid is as stupid does…
crazy is as intellect does.

I will be the first to admit I am crazy, and those who know me will tell you just that. Those same individuals will…

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